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About Us

Building Community

Through our Health & Wellness Programs

REJUVENATEHRT was built under a set of values and principles that are uncompromised. We understand that in order to change the way HRT gets done in America, we would need to educate our patients and provide the ultimate healthcare experience. We do this through a solid commitment to excellence and our core principle of putting patients’ health first. Our obsession is to be the only HRT clinic in the country with a structured Functional Health approach to Hormone Replacement Therapy. Today, much of our growth is predicated on these same principles and a robust process that helps us educate and provide solutions to those in need. Our job is not yet done. Welcome to OUR REVOLUTION.

Our Mission

Harness the power of the community

Our Mission is simple, to change the way HRT gets done in America by Improving your quality of life, through the proper use of Hormone Replacemet Therapy.

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Our Vision

Empowering others through our vision, values, and moral principles.

To become e nation leader in Hormone Replacement Therapy while maintaining uncompromising principles and providing an unparalleled patient care experience.


Message from our C. E. O

When we created RejuvenateHRT, it was done with one vision in mind, to change the way HRT gets done in America. 2 years later, we can honestly say we are impacting lives. We are changing the way people view Hormone Replacement Therapy through proper education and the proper use of therapeutic protocols. But our job is not done. I believe in a much bigger goal, a bigger vision, and a stronger mission, but more importantly, I believe in our team. Join our revolution, join RejuvenateHRT

Ron Castro