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Being overweight has been a significant health concern for people of different ages. With excessive fat accumulation, negative symptoms start developing in the body. The primary underlying chronic disease is obesity which affects your day-to-day life. RejuvenateHRT has introduced an optimized Male and Female Dynamic Weight Loss Program for individuals with weight issues.

Our experts have researched weight problems such as obesity. America has diagnosed more than 3 million obese patients. With extensive research, we have designed weight loss programs. The programs are well-curated and customized to meet every individual’s health goals. Our health practitioners and program experts examine and diagnose the patients’ conditions before developing a treatment plan. We will also conduct necessary tests to check the underlying conditions and severity of the symptoms.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Weight Loss

Our weight loss program includes HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy. Unusual weight gain can be due to hormonal imbalances. Maybe some of your hormones are inactive or lower in levels, or on the other hand, they can be hyperactive, which leads to being overweight. We examine the conditions and conduct tests to find reports on hormones’ abnormal function. If it is due to hormonal imbalance or changes, we will immediately suggest HRT.

Of course, reducing calories and regular exercise are essential to weight loss. But, it is not always enough; sometimes, you need specialized treatment. Especially those looking for faster weight loss without any adverse effects; if this is you and you suffer from low hormone production, you should consider hormone replacement therapy. When you replace the missing hormones, it will help you shed extra pounds, all while supporting muscle growth. Get in touch with our team of   hormone treatments for weight loss  to get more information on HRT methods for weight management.

Commonly noticed symptoms in patients due to overweight or obesity

How does menopause lead to weight gain? Get rid of it with our HRT therapy.

Menopause in females brings a lot of changes in their body. It can lead to excessive weight gain and higher fat accumulation in the body, which makes you obese. The estrogen and progesterone hormones start declining and frequently fluctuate during this period.

As estrogen levels drop, it may alter the body’s composition, and changes in body fat distribution will be noticed. It will lead to excessive fat content in many portions. You will see an increase in abdominal fat. This is why at RejuvenateHRT, we suggest hormone bloodwork be done before our consultation.

Hormonal imbalances may also affect the metabolic process of the body. The metabolic control can change, and calories may not burn at the usual rate. When you notice slower metabolism, your body can burn fewer calories. Therefore, the extra calories are stored in the body. Lower estrogen levels due to menopause will slow the metabolism and lead to weight gain. These symptoms may complicate your menopause symptoms; our  female weight loss treatment program   the ultimate solution.

Meet our clinic’s expert consultants to learn about our weight loss programs. You can go through our available hormone replacement therapy, which supports weight management. First, our specialists and weight loss practitioners will let you understand the condition and then advise the right  female weight loss therapy for you.

What causes unnatural weight gain in males? How to get rid of it?

Hormone decline or fluctuation can lead to muscle loss with excessive fat accumulation in males. These hormone irregularities can cause a male to add fat deposits in the chest area. During natural aging, men usually notice a decline in sex hormones. It further degrades their quality of life and brings unwanted changes in their lifestyle. 

Moreover, it degrades self-confidence in men, restricting them from socializing. At RejuvenateHRT, we offer hormonal replacement therapies to restore these hormones and bring them on track. We understand that being overweight is a lot more than a cosmetic issue. It can lead to significant health complications like Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and cancer.

Our  male weight loss treatment  program includes hormone replacement therapy, and our practitioners will guide you to change your lifestyle. You will get nutritional and exercise advice to support your weight loss goals. The practitioner will guide you throughout the session until you get an effective result. We will offer all the supportive care necessary to control weight.

In most cases, in males, the most preferred therapy is bioidentical hormone replacement which aids in boosting your metabolism. It will bring back the younger age metabolic rate and enable you to burn calories efficiently. Our  male weight loss therapy  will also rebuild muscle and help you eliminate excess body fat.

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with our weight loss program

Our weight loss practitioners will set a counseling meet-up to discuss your weight loss goals. They will check your BMI and accordingly decide on the treatment plan. We believe that lifestyle changes are also necessary. The experts will suggest diet alterations and exercise tips for an effective result. We prioritize both hormone treatment for weight loss  and supportive care and diagnoses. 

Our organized weight loss program makes us stand out from other clinics. We thoroughly examine and conduct a diagnosis. During the consultation, we ask all the necessary detailed questions to know about the previous medical history and present underlying conditions. We assign individual practitioners to every patient with a personalized treatment plan. We follow the gradual process and do not believe in speeding up the process with surgical or medical procedures.

Visit RejuvenateHRT to get your comprehensive weight loss program plan tailored for you. We focus on the patient’s lifestyle and then move forward to make changes with the proper habits to keep them on track to manage their weight. Book your consultation meeting today with our professional practitioner.

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