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Hormone Replacement Therapy in Houston, TX

Welcome to RejuvenateHRT Houston, a top facility for hormone replacement therapy in Houston, TX. Our team gives top priority to our patient’s to ensure their overall health. We have a team of hormone specialists who work efficiently offering several HRT treatment options in the US. 

Our goal is to create individualized hormone replacement therapy programs in efforts of improving your everyday life.  RejuvenateHRT thoroughly understands how hormones function in the body allowing us to really hone in on main issues that may be causing imbalances.  Part of our clinic is offering different types of therapies  in order to ensure your end goal.

We have highly qualified hormone therapy specialists in our clinic who can formulate hormone replacement techniques to balance the hormone levels in the body for positive outcomes. Our innovative approach to functional health and medicines will improve your overall health without disrupting your lifestyle. 

Hormone Therapy Clinic in Houston

At RejuvenateHRT in Houston, we get to know our patients and their lifestyle routines on a deeper level to understand how hormones can enhance their quality of life. This enables us to provide both men and women with tailored hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to balance their hormones. 


Contact our hormone therapy clinic in Houston to see if we can help you achieve optimal health through some of our protocols.  Our services are not just limited to finding a hormone-related solution; but also assist with conditions including low physical energy, ED, decreased libido, lousy sleep, obesity, depression, cognitive impairments, and more. 

hormone replacement therapy dallas

Testosterone and Hormone Therapy for Men in Houston

Various factors can contribute to men having decreased testosterone hormone levels, and age is one of the significant factors. Men can expect all common symptoms associated with low testosterone levels.  These can be improved using our testosterone and hormone therapy protocols that have been tried and proven. Our treatments can result in restoring their vigour and libido. Our dedicated team at RejuvenateHRT can educate patients about their ailments and offer individualized solutions to enhance their quality of life while fostering overall physical and psychological well-being.

hormone replacement therapy dallas

Common symptoms associated with low testosterone or testosterone imbalance include:

We encourage all men in Houston to contact RejuvenateHRT clinic if they suffer from low testosterone and other male hormone imbalances. Our tailored treatment can alleviate the symptoms and other underlying issues. We take a highly individualized approach to our therapies we use bloodwork  and precise dynamics Dutch testing, and GI mapping to customize the treatment solution.  These tests allows us to diagnose symptoms and helps us put comprehensive plans for you. 

Our TRT and HRT patients usually experience the following outcomes with our program:

Our hormone replacement therapy clinic in Houston treats all male hormonal irregularities, and our personalized approach improves your body’s overall efficiency.

hormone replacement therapy dallas
hormone replacement therapy dallas

Hormone Therapy for Women in Houston

If managing symptoms of hormone imbalance are painful, we encourage all Houston women to contact our clinic,  RejuvenateHRT. Our hormone specialists will devise a systematic plan to relieve uncomfortable symptoms that help balance your hormones. 

Some common signs associated with Hormonal imbalances in Women are:

We offer several female hormone therapy options, including TRT, peptide therapy, estrogen, pre and post-menopause, and pregnenolone therapy. These therapies help with lessening the unpleasant symptoms of female hormone imbalance.

Functional Health Program in Houston

Our team of experts also includes skilled functional health specialists who can thoroughly examine our Houston patients to learn about their unique health objectives and other underlying medical issues. We prepare specially crafted treatment plans to meet their needs and health goals. Our functional health programs aims to prevent chronic health issues and diseases from the root level rather than only treating the symptoms.

Our functional health program can improve patients’ symptoms of the following conditions:

We advise anyone in Houston experiencing these symptoms to fill out our functional health questionnaire so we can set up an appointment with one of our available health specialists.

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hormone replacement therapy dallas

Houston Peptide Therapy

Peptides are essential for the body to function at its best and in perfect harmony with every physiological process. The body makes peptides less naturally as we age due to various age-related factors, including muscle loss, hormone imbalance, osteoporosis, etc. Peptide therapy increases the production of amino acids to alleviate signs of ageing. Peptides also functions as an anti-ageing treatment. Due to the enhanced collagen production, it improves skin suppleness and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. There is much positive feedback for our peptide therapy at RejuvenateHRT. Our patients started seeing increased immune system performance, stronger muscles, more vigour, better sleep, and general physical and psychological improvement.

Houston Fertility Programs

If you live in Houston and are having problems becoming pregnant, RejuvenateHRT can significantly improve your chances. We help patients in our fertility program uncover any underlying concerns that might prevent pregnancy or create fertility challenges. Some potential causes can be hormonal imbalance, a blockage in the reproductive system, low sperm count, etc. 


We encourage individuals and couples to use our fertility program to enhance their efficiency. Our fertility experts in Houston will closely collaborate with the patients to customize their treatment plan to suit their lifestyle and meet their fertility goals to enjoy a whole family.

Houston Weight-Loss management programs

To successfully lose weight, you must adequately control your body’s metabolism, which depends on having the ideal hormonal balance. Hormones such as thyroid, insulin, cortisol, and others might make you feel more hungry, which makes it challenging to drop another pound.

Our experts can spot any hormonal imbalance issues that could be present with our weight management program in Houston to tackle the underlying problems preventing you from obtaining a healthier body weight. Take advantage of our professionally customized strategy to successfully attain your weight goals. 

Athlete body optimization treatment
Athlete body optimization treatment

Athletic Performance Optimization in Houston, TX

RejuvenateHRT welcomes all Houston, TX athletes to enrol in our program to improve overall health. We offer therapeutic peptide therapy doses to increase strength and muscle mass. Our program enhances the recovery of tired muscles, lowers muscle pain, and improves mental clarity.


Both male and female athletes can benefit from our therapeutic athletic treatment to improve their performance. Our specialist sports performance program includes hormone support, nutritional guidance, and other therapeutic solutions.

Hormone Replacement Therapy FAQ

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