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Hormone Replacement Therapy in SAN JOSE, CA

At RejuvenateHRT, we specialize in treating thousands of men and women annually who suffer from hormone imbalances. Worldwide, more than 80% of women and 40% of men experience low testosterone at some point. Hormone imbalances can cause many symptoms, especially during Menopause.

We aim to help diagnose and treat hormone imbalances to improve people’s health and wellness. We offer hormone therapy and cutting-edge treatments with preventive functional medicine.

Take a look at our functional approach!

We have a specialist in our clinic helping both men and women by creating tailored programs. Our team has a range of experts who offer appropriate advice and better recommendations to you. 

We provide face-to-face consultations & online consultations for our patients also. Take a look at our programs and fill out a brief questionnaire. One of our experts will review your order & prescribe you a time to schedule your virtual consultation.

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Hormone Therapy Clinic in SAN JOSE, CA.

We, the team of RejuvenateHRT, aim to deliver functional diagnostic treatment which goes above and beyond regular medical therapies. Our highly experienced & progressive-minded team supports you in every step of your journey. Our clinic’s primary focus is treating males and females for HRT & TRT therapies. Let’s check the symptoms of low testosterone & hormone imbalance and its required treatment which you can take from us!

Hormone & Testosterone therapy for men in SAN JOSE, CA

Testosterone is the sex hormone in men produced in the testicles and adrenal glands. This hormone is essential for sexual reproductive development. Testosterone is crucial for men because it can lead to symptoms like decreased motivation, low libido, weight gain, and tiredness. TRT therapy is recommended if you are struggling with any of these symptoms. Our experts will ask you for a blood test to evaluate your testosterone level. After that, we’ll suggest the required therapies.

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Symptoms most men face with low testosterone include

RejuvenateHRT helps you to recover from all these symptoms. You can refresh your body and mind with us by giving anti-ageing and revitalization treatments. Consult with our experts if you are at risk of low testosterone!

Our male patients have seen the following results throughout the program.

Once you address your hormone imbalance, you should go through the recommended procedure shared by the doctor and achieve the optimal result in the above-discussed sections.


Hormone Therapy for Women in SAN JOSE, CA

Hormone replacement therapy is the treatment used to relieve the symptoms of Menopause. The symptoms of Hormone imbalance are caused by the significant changes in the hormone level and estrogen level released by the body. A balanced level of hormones in the female body is necessary for the body’s growth to improve metabolism and fertility. Having hormone imbalance can influence the immune system and affect the mental condition.

Symptoms most women face with low testosterone include

When you reach our expert physicians & hormone specialists, they will ensure you recover from all these symptoms.

Join our functional health program in SAN JOSE, CA

Thousands of people in SAN JOSE, CA, have more than one health condition that frustrates them. Some of them also took conventional medicines which no longer work for them. At RejuvenateHRT, we have a multidisciplinary team working combined to tailor the necessary hormone therapy. 

Patients going through the following program can feel the below-discussed improvements.

If conventional medicine doesn’t work for you to recover from these issues, we recommend joining our functional health program.

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SAN JOSE, CA Peptide Therapy

Peptides are a chain of amino acids that our bodies produce naturally. These peptides act as the signalling molecules within the body that instruct the other molecules and cells on how to function. The peptides improve immune systems, cognitive function, weight loss, and many more! If your body doesn’t produce peptides in enough amounts because of ageing, peptide therapy is the only way of recovery. Our experts will administer the situation and ensure to offer the best solution.

SAN JOSE, CA Fertility Programs

Contact us if you are a couple leaving SAN JOSE, CA, and its nearby areas facing difficulties conceiving. Bring your partner with you and consult with our fertility health expert. 

Here at RejuvenateHRT, we provide multiple fertility health-related programs to aware couples who want to enjoy their parenthood and are looking forward to conceiving. Enrol yourself in this program and get recovery. 

SAN JOSE, CA Weight-loss Management Programs

We know the struggles behind a successful weight loss journey. Here at RejuvenateHRT, we offer an effective and safe medical weight loss program that helps you to reach your goals. By joining our weight loss programs, you can recover from type 2 diabetes, obesity-related health conditions, and blood pressure.

If you are excited to shed all your unnecessary body fat, come to us and enrol yourself in this program!

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Hrt therapy male

Athletic Performance Optimization in SAN JOSE, CA

We also help players who cannot show their optimal performance on the ground. The hormonal imbalance is the primary reason behind the lack of productivity and decreasing muscle mass. Sharpen your mental clarity by joining our performance optimization program.

Whether you are a male or a female, you can follow the necessary diet aspects to maintain your body! For more knowledge, come and talk with our doctors today.


More than 7000 peptides in our bodies are responsible for our body functions.

Our experts offer cutting-edge treatments that will help to manage Chronic health conditions. We aim to provide long-term solutions so you can live longer and better!

Each individual will be recommended to get a bespoke plan based on their health condition and blood test reports. To discuss your cost, consult with our experts.

TRT is an effective treatment that should be considered if any male is suffering from a low testosterone level.

This treatment will help you adjust the current hormone level to receive enough TRT levels to live a healthy life.

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